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Sorrows of retirement in Nigeria: Episode 15

Many are suffering in Nigeria after returning because most of them are not paid on time if they are paid at all. People give up and stop trying. Some of the causes are because of fraud and ridiculous bureaucracy. Government officials stealing and keeping such monies for them selves...Watch

Nigeria Indepedence: Episode 14

Nigeria turned 55 years old on October 1st 2015 ... Today I celebrate my cultural heritage ... See my love here

Childhood Friends: Episode 13

People need to love each other regardless of class. Let's love our childhood friends ... See my love here

Facts about Life, Death, and Insurance: Episode 12

The need for burial insurance amongst Africans in the diaspora ... See my love here

Majek Fashek in Africa Episode 11

Chief Ayiri talks about Majek Fashek project: Majek Fashek music live.

Me and chief Ayiri's band jamming at his 911 sports bar in Warri: Send down the rain.

Majek Fashek actually ate a whole plate of rice and chicken! I was told he wasn't really eating at the center. He told me that after seeing me live, his appetite came back! ;) made my trip to Abuja so worth it!: Majek Fashek.

Black Rice and Monicazation in my hotel at Abuja. He's been the one taking care of Majek Fashek at the center: Black Rice and Monicazation in Abuja.

Race to save Majek Fashek Episode 10

Please I did my part: Watch

Now do yours. Let's donate to save the rainmaker donate here: Help Majek.

Rasing funds for Majek Fashek Episode 9

Rasing funds for Majek Fashek. I attempted to do 50 push ups. Majek Fashek needs our help to get rehabilitation. I am a former backup singer. Please help us share the dream of him having good health again. Watch

Race to save Majek Fashek the Rain Maker Episode 8

Majek is in need of our help. He is one of the top musicians in Nigeria. He is loved all over the world. Right now, he is in great trouble medically. He needs to be taken off the streets. Let's bring this man back to his glory days. Watch

The African woman and her hair Episode 7

The African hair is unique! People are always curious about our hair and some put their hands in our hair with no warning or permission.... crazy! And annoying! Never ask an African woman about her hair. Just look and like if you want or just pass by ;) Watch

Monicazation new Vblog 2015 Episode 1

Welcome to my vblog. This is my very first in the series where talk about day to day stuff. I am going to be random. Watch

Trouble in South Africa Episode 2

The South African police office that was laughing when an immigrant was being burnt to death must be brought to justice. Watch

Health Care in Nigeria Episode 3

A decission on the lack of proper Health Care in Nigeria Watch

Africa is One Episode 4

In a taxi with Kaleta heading to mercy studio NYC with a cab driver Watch

We wear shorts in the winter Episode 5

Me having fun in the snow with my beach sandles. Watch

Our elderly parents needs our support too! Episode 6

I had a discussion with a 70yrs old elderly widow. She gave birth to 8 children all alive and well.She is struggling to survive. I am have spoken to lots of people with similar experiences. I do know many folks that takes care of their parents. This is not a generalization, but a plea! help your parents. Watch